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More Space

With only 5 keys instead of 30 or more, our keyboard is comfortable to use on devices of any size, including Smart Watches. The 5-TILES keyboard takes up 70% less of the screen than QWERTY, leaving you with lots more space for the text itself – and your fingers!

Finally, a keyboard that fits comfortably on ALL screen sizes.

Taps & Slides

The 5-TILES keyboard has an alphabet-based layout. The underlined letters and the space key are typed with a single tap.

Other letters are typed with a sliding motion across the tiles, starting from the tile where they are written. To know where to slide to, look at the order of the letter in the row.

For example, the letter ‘F’ starts on the green tile, and slides back to the first key in the row: blue. The letter ‘G’ is a single tap on green. The letter “J” is written last, so it’s a slide from the green tile to the last tile in the row: red. Watch the video or give the Training App a try.


Fast & Precise

Extra keys are like extra legs – they don’t necessarily make you faster. That’s why 5-TILES is faster than keyboards where every letter and symbol has it’s own dedicated key. Our users achieve average speeds of 30 to 40 words-per-minute with just a bit of practice, and the record speed so far is 109 words-per-minute

The QWERTY keyboard was designed to prevent the jamming of mechanical keys 150 years ago. Although other letter ordering systems such as Dvoˇrák and KALQ are an improvement, it still makes no sense to cram all of those keys onto the touchscreen.


Intelligent dictionaries. Built-in editing tools. Advanced commands. More than 150 characters and symbols. 8 major European languages working simultaneously. All this makes 5-TILES the most powerful keyboard on the planet.

Touch Screens

The 5-TILES keyboard is consistently comfortable and easy to use on touch screen devices of any size – including budget phones under 3 inches and smartwatches.

Wearable Tech

5-TILES is the first viable alternative to voice commands for input on wearable technology such as heads-up devices and glasses.

Internet of Things

The 5-TILES keyboard makes the perfect interface for any kind of device as a remote control with dedicated gestures. Welcome to Smart Everything!


Droidcon 2013 democamp – 2nd place


UKTI MWC Stand Competition: winnerbarcel
ICT KTN CeBIT Stand Competition: winner


Smart UK 2014 – finalist


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