Before you start

Here’s a short video to give you the idea about what 5-TILES is and how it works:

Like it? Then let’s get started! First – download the 5-TILES keyboard for Android here.


You can download and activate 5-TILES Keyboard in less than a minute time:

Yes, 5-TILES does not require access to all your e-mails and text messages in order to accurately predict your next words!

First use

Now, you can open any text editor and start typing:  


Keyboard settings

You can access the keyboard’s settings by touching the 5-TILES icon in your phone’s applications. But in some cases it might be easier to access it directly from cheat sheets:

Typing letters

Each letter in 5-TILES is either single tap on the key, slide between two keys, or for U and Z slide up on orange or red keys. Learning mode is there to help. Do you know the keyboard’s layout yet? 😉