Christian Lindholm helping to make 5-TILES the first choice keyboard for mobile devices and wearables

Christian on chair smallWe’re thrilled to announce that mobile industry veteran Christian Lindholm will take the role as Investor and Advisor to 5-TILES this summer, to help guide this award-winning startup to become the leading choice of keyboard for any mobile device or wearable product.

Lindholm is the CEO and Co-Founder of Koru, a wearable’s operating system company based in Finland. 5-TILES is an alternative touch-screen keyboard, built for Android and available on Google Play. Passionate about the transformative power of mobile devices and wearables, Lindholm’s interest and investment with 5-TILES is to progress a paradigm shift toward Intimate Computing, and a radical new approach to our text entry systems across all our devices.
“We are on a long journey of transformation, disruption and creation. It is a journey where we will meet luck and serendipity. I cannot imagine anything more exciting to work on,” he said.
As one of the digital and mobile design industry’s true gurus, Lindholm was nicknamed “the godfather of mobile phone users” by Finland’s leading newspaper Helsingin Sanomat. He is the inventor of the Navi key, a user interface that was featured on many early Nokia phones. Based on industry figures from that time, it is likely that 7% of the human population used his Navi invention to make their first mobile calls. He has also held roles as Chief Innovation Officer at Fjord (acquired by Accenture in May 2013) and was head of Yahoo’s mobile product team.
“5-TILES is a bold idea, and is the most powerful one-handed touch keyboard I have seen. They have a great team of inventors and innovators and I can see they have the elements needed to succeed, including, the willingness to push forward, transform, simplify and perfect.”, Lindholm said about 5-TILES.
5-TILES CEO Michal Kubacki is honoured by Lindholm’s coming on board as an Investor and Advisor, and sees it as positive testimony regarding the brave invention he, and the team, have created to disrupt how we use keyboards on mobile devices and wearables.
“Christian understands our vision for helping the world move on from an outdated keyboard,” said Kubacki. “We don’t live in a world of physical buttons anymore and 5-TILES can deliver the space, range and speed we need.”
About 5-TILES
ETAOI Systems Ltd. is the owner and developer of the patent-pending 5-TILES Keyboard, which has been designed specifically for touchscreen devices of all sizes. The 5-TILES Keyboard takes up 70% less of the screen than QWERTY keyboards, is super compact, comfortably finger-sized, and optimised for speed.
The 5-TILES Keyboard is in live beta, and available for download from Google Play at
Awards include:

  •  2nd Place at Droidcon, October 2013
  • Winner of UKTI MWC Stand Competition, February 2014
  • Finalists in the Smart UK Project Competition, February 2014
  • Winner of ICT KTN CeBIT Stand, March 2014
  • 1st Place at TechPitch, May 2014