The QWERTY keyboard is ripe for reinvention according to ETAOI Systems LLP, a company that has created the first, ‘built for purpose’ touchscreen keyboard called 5-TILES.

5-TILES consists of five keys in one third of the space of a traditional touchscreen QWERTY keyboard.  Users simply swipe and touch the 5 keys to create letters, words and symbols.  Designed to remove the user frustration of misplaced fingers and thumbs, 5-TILES is an elegant and user friendly keyboard for Android devices.

Easy to learn, 5-TILES users can reach 40 words per minute within a few days of using the keyboard and the current user speed record stands at 109 words in one minute.  ETAOI Systems has created a training app to help users get up to speed quickly and easily.

Speed is not the only benefit of 5-TILES.  Because the keyboard is up to 70% smaller than a QWERTY keyboard, it can be used comfortably on smaller phones, and even on smart watches.

Margaret Gold at ETAOI Systems says: “The QWERTY layout was invented in the 1870’s to prevent the jamming of mechanical keys.  Whilst it is fine for laptops and PCs, it needs a major makeover for smartphones.  5-TILES aims to be the new standard input interface for any and all touchscreen devices – including smart watches.”

“Given that a typical touchscreen keyboard is cramming 26 letters all onto one screen, plus editing commands, it’s little wonder that typos abound and customer satisfaction hovers around 35%. Writing anything more than a quick text message is just impractical.  We’re particularly excited about what the 5-TILES keyboard could mean for the future of wearable tech, where QWERTY keyboards are simply unfeasible.”