LONDON, Jan. 06 , 2015 – ETAOI System’s revolutionary new 5-TILES keyboard for touchscreens of all sizes is now available for free as a text sending application on the Samsung Gear App Store for the newly released Samsung Gear S, as well as all other smartwatches from Samsung. 5-TILES SMS Text Messager allows Samsung smartwatch users to send and reply to text messages instantly from their Gear device.

5-tiles sms gear devices

The 5-TILES keyboard only uses 1/5th of the screen on the Samsung Gear S and 1/4 on the Gear 2 and Gear 2 neo , making text input much more comfortable and enjoyable in comparison with the full QWERTY keyboard pre-installed on the Samsung Gear S – which takes up almost 4/5 of the screen. (QWERTY is not available on the Samsung Gear 2 or  Gear 2 neo)


The compact & colourful keyboard with its 5 comfortably-sized keys leaves lots of room on the screen for writting letters, numbers, punctuation symbols and special characters all having their own easy to learn combination of taps or swipes.

Underlined letters are a single tap. For other letters, place your finger on the key where it is written, and slide your finger across to the key shown by the order it is written in. As you move your finger across the keyboard, the Grey Arrow will guide you to the letter you need.


5-TILES SMS abcde

Learn How to Use 5-TILES SMS on your Samsung Smartwatch

ETAOI Systems founder and CEO Michal Kubacki said:

“The first generation of smartwatches have largely been “dumb” alert receiving gadgets, but with the 5-TILES Text Messager app for Samsung Gear, you can finally reply to messages straight from your smartwatch.”

Fabio Carta, CTO and main developer of 5-TILES SMS, added:

“Voice entry solutions still lack on accuracy and even if they were perfect, there will always be situations like for example entering passwords, names or email addresses that will require a text entry solution. We are breaking the barriers of text input on smartwatches with a solution tailored for touchscreens, opening the possibilities for manufacturers and other applications like social networks that are still reticent about moving to smartwatches.”

Downloaded by thousands from the Google Play Store since a quiet release of its first prototype in April 2014, the 5-TILES keyboard demand shows how consumers are eager to move away from the 150-year-old QWERTY design and start typing with a keyboard designed for the future of touchscreens and wearable devices.