The 5­-TILES Note Pad brings the revolutionary 5-TILES Keyboard to your Samsung Gear, allowing you to take notes and save your thoughts while on the move – without having to dig out your phone!
With the 5-TILES Note Pad you won’t forget that fleeting thought, shopping list item, or important reminder for later. (This is a stand-alone app, and therefore does not require a companion app to be downloaded on your phone)

With 5-TILES, you’ll be ready for the NEXT 150 years, across ALL of your touch screen devices.


5-TILES Note Pad step 1If you fancy giving it a try yourself, first make sure that you’ve set up the Gear Manager app on your companion phone and that it is connected to your smart watch. Go into the Gear Manager app, and select ‘Samsung Apps’. Then simply search for 5-TILES Note Pad, and click to download it. Then open the Note Pad by selecting the 5-TILES icon in your Apps list.


Open the Note Pad by selecting the 5-TILES icon. You can either continue to edit an existing note by clicking on it, or start a new note by clicking on ‘New’ at the bottom of the screen. The first few words you type will form the name of the note when you save it.
The compact and colourful keyboard with its 5 comfortably-sized keys leaves lots of room on the screen for note taking. Letters, numbers, punctuation, emoticons and special characters all have their own easy to learn combinations of taps or swipes.
Keyboard on Gear2
Underlined letters are a single tap. For other letters, place your finger on the key where it is written, and slide your finger across to the key shown by the order it is written in. As you move your finger across the keyboard, the Grey Arrow will guide you to the letter you need.
For example, to type the letter F, you place your finger on the green key where F is written, and slide to the blue key.
A number of letters and commands can be typed by swiping up or down, also indicated by where they are written on the keyboard. For example, the letter U is a swipe up on the orange key.


To guide you while you’re typing, a small grey arrow appears above the keyboard to show you what letter you have activated at them moment (simply lift your finger to select). The keyboard itself will show what letters you can select from this position by sliding your finger to that key.

photo1For example, when you place your finger on the yellow key, the letter M shows as selected on the arrow, but by sliding left or right you can select K, L, N or O.




Underlined letters: single tap
U: slide up on orange
Z: slide up on red
Other letters: place finger on the letter, the keyboard will show were to slide to
Grey Arrow: shows what is currently selected




Space: tap on red
Delete letter: slide up on blue
Delete word: slide down on blue
Enter: slide down on green
Shift: slide up on green
Save Note: slide up on yellow
Delete Note: blue – green – blue – green




Start on red, slide left until you see your punctuation on red, move back to red
.  red – orange – red
,  red – yellow – red
!  red – green – red
? red – blue – red




1  start on blue, slide to green, back to blue
2  blue – yellow – blue
3  blue – orange – blue
4  blue – red – blue
5  green – blue – green
6  green – yellow – green
7  green – orange – green
8  green – red – green
9  yellow – blue – yellow
0  yellow – green – yellow