Wearable devices like smart watches and smart glasses are the next big thing in mobile technology. However, until now all these devices suffer from one serious problem – they lack an effective text input mechanism. This means that many common actions such as answering short messages or finding a contact name can’t be performed straight on the watch.

The 5-TILES keyboard has been created specifically for touch screen devices. Because we carefully considered the size & space factor, the 5-TILES Keyboard can be used on devices as small as smart watches or as big as tablets.

ETAOI Systems is therefore well-positioned to capture the phenomenal growth predicted for the worldwide smart watch market. Canalys is forecasting that it will exceed 5 million unit shipments in 2014 and NextMarket Insights is predicting that the strong expansion of smart watches in the children and health/active lifestyle segments will drive the overall smartwatch market from 15 million watches shipped in 2014 to over 373 million by 2020.

We were very excited to be able to show a proof-of-concept at this years Droidcon London, with the help of the I’mWatch team – one of the very first smart watches on the market. After only a couple of hours of hacking, we got the chance to present the first smartwatch with a fully functional keyboard at Democamp that same evening. And of course we were thrilled to come in second place!