Photo Credit: Stefan Stefansson

Photo Credit: Stefan Stefansson

On January 23rd, 2014 we were thrilled to be one of 5 companies to win a stand at CeBIT in a competition run by the ICT KTN, UKTI, and Mobile Monday London.

5-TILES was amongst  11 companies who had 3 minutes each to pitch on stage to the Mobile Monday London audience, followed by 4 minutes of questions from the judges and the audience.


The other winners (with information courtesy of Jo Rabin of MoMoLo) were:

These guys are all about optimising every aspect of the mobile web experience, providing fast, reliable and easy-to-use web pages, increasing conversation rates, online revenue and engagement.

It’s all about voice analysis technologies that recognise and respond to the emotions of customers. Optimised for mobile applications, their tools provide realtime analysis and feedback allowing dynamic tailoring of the customer’s interaction to improve the satisfaction with their experience.

Infinite Precision 
Precision Genie offers enterprise resilience to the changing landscape of the cybercloud. It automatically derives a capability overview of the business from the enterprise operational data and with a predictive threat capability, it can provide early threat warning not just to cyber infrastructure but to the business allowing time for reconfiguration to protect the enterprise.

An Online Game Editor that allows for the creation of 3D multiplayer games on mobile devices of all Operating Systems. Any games made using their system are cross-platform play, meaning, users of different operating systems can play the same game (with or against each other)

Skin Analytics 
Melanoma incidence has doubled in last decade around the world and while 95% of cases are survivable if caught early, this drops to 10% as the cancer spreads. Skin Analytics offer an online subscription service that enables people to regularly photograph their moles with their smartphone making it easy to determine if a change has occurred.